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Homeopathy for Chickens chart/poster



This homeopathic treatment guide for chickens will show you how to use the most safe, non-toxic, powerful and deeply-acting form of natural medicine. The treatment chart provides detailed dosing instructions and guidance in selecting the appropriate homeopathic remedy and potency across a wide range of illnesses and conditions related to chickens.

The publisher:

The chart makes homeopathic veterinary treatment accessible and easy to understand. We’ve taken the mystery out of which potency to use, how often to give a remedy and the best way to administer the dose.

The beauty of homeopathy is in how rapidly it can work in an acute crisis (sometimes within 1 or 2 doses) this can be a life saver. Another big plus is that there are no unwanted side effects to the medicines, they are safe to use on chicks as well as older birds. Homeopathic remedies are very inexpensive, and can be found over the counter at most health food stores or purchased via the internet. The biggest plus, in chicken care, is that there is no easier remedy to give or receive! That means, zero stress when it comes to medicating a single hen or an entire flock.

The treatment chart is 'double sided' and is detailed in instruction. It is a perfect source of information for the inexperienced as well as an in depth reference for the homeopathic veterinary professional.

Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

To see a short video snippet of any of these charts, hop on over to "Homeopathy Book and Remedy Parties" Facebook group. Type in the word "Rescue" in the search bar from your computer and all five videos should be selected.


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