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KAVIRAJ Big Set of 48 remedies for plant homeopathy in green leather case



THIS IS A KIT THAT GOES WITH Kaviraj's Book, Homeopathy for Farm and Garden 

1.3 grams Globules in glass vials

Selection of 48 homeopathic remedies for plant pests and diseases in 6 C and 30 C:

Globules in C6 (6C):
Amblyseius (robbery mite)
Bombyx process. (processionary caterpillar)
Chrysoperla (green lacewing larvae)
Coccinella (ladybug)
Encarsia formosa (trichogramma wasp)
Ocimum canum
Syrphida larva (hover fly larvae)

Globules in D 6 (X6):
 Magnes. carb.
 Magnes. phos.
 Molybden met.

Globules in C 30 (30C):
 Allium cepa
 Bacillus thuringiensis
 Calc. carb.
 Calc. phos.
 Carbo vegetabilis
 Coccus cacti.
 Cuprum met.
 Ferrum met.
 Helix tosta
 Kali. muriat.
 Kali. permanganat.
 Lapis alb.
 Latrodectus mactans
 Manganum acet.
 Mentha piperita
 Natrium sulph.
 Nitric acid.
 Phosph. acid.
 Porcellio (woodlouse)
 Ricinus com.
 Salicyl. acid.
 Sambuccus nigra (elder)
 Secale corn. (ergot)
 Thuja occ.
 Zincum metalicum

A 1.3 g glass vial contains approximately 120-130 pellets.

NOTE: This product comes from Germany. If we do not have in Stock and it is on order from Germany, it may take 2-3 weeks for us to SHIP.

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