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The Nucleus

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Author: Dr ES Rajendran

IBSN: 978-8190204804



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The Nucleus -Lectures on Chronic Diseases and Miasms 
The title of the Book “Nucleus” would make every one to think something special. Dr.E.S. Rajendran has given a wonderful exposition of the concept of miasm in his lectures, which is useful to the students and practitioners. Dr E.S. Rajendran has explained clearly how Hahnemann entered in to the nucleus of the disease process and finds solutions for the practical difficulties, especially in treating chronic diseases.

He established Hahnemanns idea that in the treatment of chronic diseases physicians require to prescribe several anti psoric remedies in succession to complete the cure. Similarly “If psora is complicated with sycosis and syphilis, first psora must be treated with anti psorics followed by antisycotic, finally the best mercury preparations for syphilis “ This application is needed for many diseases, which Dr.Rajendran highlighted in his case histories is a wonderful practical hint.

Author comments that, if psora is bacteria, then antipsoric is not sulphur but the best antibiotic available in the market and in that case homoeopathy would not have survived. He reviewed and evaluated the views of Stuart close and Dr.B.K.Sarkar on miasm and concluded that more than a material entity miasm is a concept. Also the author makes it clear that miasms are the integral part of the holistic totality, which is superior to the established ideas of symptom totality. He repeatedly affirms that homeopathic practice should be upgraded from the present levels of symptom totality to the holistic totality, which incorporates disease diagnosis and miasmatic diagnosis as the integral entities of the totality along with the characteristics. This is in fact a totally new opinion, which opens up new possibilities about the prolonged puzzle in homoeopathic practice, how to integrate disease diagnosis and miasmatic diagnosis in to the idea of totality?

Author has peeped in to earlier writings about the miasms by various authors which includes R.E.Dudgeon. J.T.Kent, Stuart Close, Richard Hughes, H.A.Roberts, M.L.Tyler, Processo.S.Ortega, Rajan Sankaran, R.P.Patel and Prafull Vijayakar. These are brief yet critical and analytical.

He has given illustrations of 45 cases to substantiate his new vision on the concept of miasm. These cases are good study materials for students and practitioners to substantiate the miasm from the present vague state in to a more clear level. This book also enables us to understand the miasm and establish its practical utility in day-to-day practice.

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