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Homeopathy for Plants - a Practical guide for indoor, balcony and garden plants

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180 pages | Hardcover | 8.7 x 6.5 x 0.7
  • ISBN: 978-3-943309-21-8
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  • Model: CMautHOM4PLANT-3

A practical guide for indoor, balcony and garden plants with tips on dosage, use and choice of potency

Homeopathy for Plants has triggered a veritable green revolution, with almost 40,000 copies sold and translations into numerous languages.

It’s a handy guide to the most common plant diseases, pests, and damage, with information on how to treat them with homeopathy. A pioneer in this area, Christiane Maute has been treating her flowers, fruit and vegetables for more than 13 years with homeopathy.

Whether for black spot disease on roses, tomato blight on tomatoes, fire blight on fruit trees, aphids, peach-leaf curl, cancer, mildew, Monilia fruit rot, slugs, sooty mold or poor growth – Ms Maute explains the most common diseases and the tried-and-tested homeopathic remedies to combat them.

There are also explanations that can be easily understood by the layperson for the effects of frost, hail, general damage, water logging, pruning, heat stress and reporting.

Most diseases are illustrated so that nonspecialists can quickly recognize what is wrong and then find the correct remedy. The correct dose and method of application are also precisely described. A concise materia medica describing each remedy can be found at the back of the book.

The current edition contains more pests and diseases such as the box tree moth, vine weevil, mealybugs and and box tree fungus. Particularly suitable for amateur gardeners, this exceptionally clear handbook will rapidly make converts of those unfamiliar with homeopathy.

Series: 3rd Edition


Christianne Maute
About Christianne Maute:
Mrs Maute is a practitioner of alternative medicine.

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