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Oxygen Stabilized Protocol is a proprietary electrochemical process that sustains molecular stability indefinitely unless OxyQuest is exposed to temperatures exceeding 160 degrees F or to extended periods of direct sunlight. We are surrounded by air; therefore, it is easy for us to take this precious element and its unending supply for granted. However, if the supply of oxygen were cut off, we would die in a matter of minutes. Studies have shown that the amount of oxygen in the air that we breathe has decreased by as much as 50% compared to the days of our ancestors. The four modern-day stressors; toxic stress, emotional stress, physical trauma and infections; increase the bodies acidic level further depleting the body’s oxygen supply.
Oxygen is a cleanser and a source of energy to every cell in our body. It supports the immune systems and provides numerous life-giving benefits. The difficulty has been to harness oxygen’s tremendous benefits in a form that would be stable and non-toxic… until the formulation of OxyQuest!

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