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Colostrum and homeopathy work synergistically together in our bodies.  When our bodies are nourished with colostrum, we are better able to utilize the healing that homeopathy provides.

The Colostrum6 Anovite products that we consume used to be available at your local health food store, on Amazon or in your doctor’s office.  However, several companies have tried to undermine/undercut and even fraudulently fill containers with inferior product. As a result, the company has formed a unique marketing strategy that allows them to place the product directly into your hands, at the lowest wholesale price with no other costs or commitments involved.

The customer program works just like a rewards card that you would use to buy groceries or gas. Sign up is free and there aren’t any membership fees!  It is the most economical way to purchase Anovite products.  To learn more details, check out the Customer Program here:

To purchase Anovite products:

Tips on purchasing through the Customer Program:

  • At the main website page, select “Join Now”, then “Wholesale Customer”.
  • Next you will see the option to purchase a package deal (which is the most affordable way to get all those products), or you can choose to click “Next Step” to select just the products you want.
  • Next is the Smartship page, which you will probably want to skip for now – be aware it looks identical to the previous page.
  • Finally, continue with “Next Step” all the way through to payout.

If you’re not quite ready to purchase, or would like to read more about the Anovite products, we invite you to connect with others here:

If you are having dental issues, please check out this group dedicated to homeopathy & colostrum:

If you would like to pursue a business opportunity with Anovite you can use the link above, and select “Business Builder” option.  To learn more, please read “Start Your Own Business” at the Anovite website, or contact us at: