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Flu Treatments


Top Flu Picks for the Season!

We've got you covered from single remedies to our own Flu Kit!  Don't forget our unique recommendation that will keep all immune systems going strong - Colostrum6 and LimuZ6.


Influenzinum 9C and 30C (2018/19) (sold as single remedies) Click Here


TRH Influenza Kit: (sold in kit and/or single remedies) Gelsemium 30c Bryonia 30c Rhus Tox 30c Eupatorium Perf 30c Ana Barbariae 200c (same active ingredient as Oscillococcinum) Click Here


2018 Epidemic UPDATE from Paul Herscu ND, MPH (sold as single remedies) (Click HERE for article)


Nux Vomica

Phosphorus acid

Colostrum6 & LimuZ6 work synergistically to build your immune system. Click HERE for article FLU VACCINE ALTERNATIVE Click Here for Flu-fighting Properties of Colostrum.  


To purchase Colustrum6 or LimuZ6, Click Here

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