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Helping Your Body Find Balance with First Food Led by Sherri Maines

Are you trying everything in the book and beyond...and still having issues in your mouth? I was once there too! After watching a friend’s life turn around 1 ½ years ago, I added a balancing superfood to my diet which improved my health. My gluten intolerance is gone and I am seeing the plaque on my teeth literally becoming a thing of the past. Friends of mine are seeing gluten issues, cavities and other dental issues disappearing as well!  Come along with me as my friend, Rose, and I share this amazing balancing superfood with you.  You will also get to meet a PhD Nutritional Scientist as he shares his personal testimonies and life-long knowledge about this balancing superfood, culminating with Q&A time.

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Where can I purchase this balancing superfood?

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 I – Intro & Basics   18 min.

II – Gut, Dental, Other Uses   35 min

III – Brand, Research   33 min

IV – FB Groups, Q&A   26 min

V – How to Order & Product Choices   16 min


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