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Colostrum6 Capsules: 90 count, 500 mg


From the Manufacture’s Website: 

Colostrum6 Powder, is considered "the" Superfood! It contains: IGF-1 Super-family; 95+ immune factors; all of your essential amino acids, fatty acids, and glyconutrients; with metabolic factors, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The powder is the most versatile and can be used orally, in smoothies and protein shakes.

Colostrum6 is a "cornerstone" whole food with over 700 constituents that naturally balance and regenerate the body. It contains the following: the IGF-1 superfamily for anti-aging and tissue repair; over 95 immune factors for health and wellness; all of your essential amino acids, fatty acids, and glyconutrients; along with metabolic factors, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Colostrum6 minimum amounts of important constituents per serving:

• 2300 ng/g of IGF-1

• 2-3% of Lactoferrin

• 25% total Immunoglobulin's

• 3% Proline-Rich Polypeptides

Anovite Colostrum6 is the ONLY colostrum in the world that has been certified to be "true colostrum". Our colostrum is chemical-free and 100% natural with NO fillers of any sort!

Colostrum feature elements:

• Natural Chymosin which protects bio-availability

• Harvested only after the newborn calves get their share

• Never “de-fatted”

• Third Party Verified True 6-Hour Colostrum

• Tested to be free from herbicides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones

• Low Temperature spray dried to preserve bioactivity

• A functional Super food with 97 Immune Factors and 87 known Growth Factors

• Supportive to digestive health and a balanced intestinal environment

Colostrum6 is a complete protein containing all essential Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Glyconutrients!


One Measured Teaspoon is 3 Grams and is a maintenance dose: "Mild" Wellness Issues/1-2 teaspoons; "Moderate" Wellness Issues/3-5 teaspoons; "Advanced/Athletic" Wellness Issues/6-10. There are no contra-indications and you can't overdose!


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