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Earth's Harmony WINS!

Monday 25 March, 2019

I've had a pot of random succulents for a few years. It's done ok. Never really grown, but it's hung in there.

I have given two doses of Earth's Harmony in the past month and this thing has gone nuts!!! There is even NEW GROWTH - which I've NEVER had!

I'm so pleased with Earth's Harmony!
Testimonial By: Kathryn Nguyen — Arlington, TX, United States

Book Reviews

Thursday 24 January, 2019

Thank you so much Turning Ranch Homeopathics for helping me out! I am really grateful for the time you took to help me make book selections that best fit my needs. I love the two books on children and homeopathy- "Homeo-Kids" and "The Homeopathy Handbook for Children". I have found them both to be helpful in getting a clearer picture of the remedies and I am learning lots! I have also found the dental prescriber to be a go to book that I use often and for more than just dental issues ;) Thanks again for your insights and help and for so promptly getting remedies out!
Testimonial By: Jessica Dance — Kaukauna, WI, United States

Parvo Relief

Tuesday 28 August, 2018

My two eight month old dogs got parvovirus and were acutely ill before I realized what was wrong. TR Homeopathics fixed me up with remedies, treatment protocol and colostrum to nourish them during the gut healing phase when they couldn’t eat food yet. Treatment was a success. Dogs are recovering well. Thank you!
Testimonial By: Karen Austin — Wolfe City, TX, United States

Desktop Guide - Great book

Thursday 19 October, 2017

Dear Sheri – I received Roger Morrsion’s Desktop Guide to Keynotes & Confirmatory Symptoms a few days ago. Thanks so much. It was out of stock when I ordered it – you kept me up-to-date with order status and I received it a day earlier than expected. What a great book – I get a little bleary eyed reading some of the older materia medicas…. but this one is so easy to read and I actually understand it! Thanks again for a great book & great service.
Testimonial By: Nancy Perry — Grants Pass, OR, United States

The Dental Prescriber

Sunday 30 July, 2017

Thank you for being a great advocate of homeopathy, for providing learning experiences through classes and helping bring this little treasure of a book back into print for us to learn from too.
Testimonial By: Kelly Weatherly