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About Us

TR Homeopathic is a wholly owned business enterprise of a family owned company, Turning Ranch, LLC. Turning Ranch is a working ranch/farm that raises pastured Beef, Pork and Chicken (eggs) organically (in Texas) and uses Homeopathy to treat our animals and our plants.

Our family lived in the suburbs of a city. We bought our food from a co-op to reduce cost. We found that we could not always get the foods we wanted a price that we could afford, thus we decided to buy a farm.

In 2008, Turning Ranch, LLC was formed to help move our family to a farming/Ranching business. We went to conferences, we studied organic farming and "got educated". In 2009, we bought a farm/ranch in Ladonia, Texas and started raising Chickens, Pigs and Cattle (both Beef and Dairy).

Ted studied homeopathy with the late Dr Glenn Dupree ( Homeopathy for the animals) while he was writing his book ( Homeopathy-Organic-Livestock-Production) about using homeopathy for organic livestock production. We were able to prove these principles for ourselves on our ranch.

Dr Robert Melo of OHM Pharma (Homeopathic remedies manufacturer) and his family came to visit us on the Ranch. It was a great time and that is where the idea of Turning Ranch to private label Homeopathic Remedies took hold. Since Turning Ranch uses homeopathic remedies for all its "Plants, Animals and People" it seems like a great fit.

Folks ask us about homeopathy and our experiences and where to get remedies. Now there is a place for people to learn about Homeopathy for Farm and get remedies they need quick and easy.

TR Homeopathic is FDA registered to sell over the counter Homeopathic Remedies. We do not diagnose, recommend treatments nor practice medicine of any sorts. We provide traditional Homeopathic Education from homeopathic doctors and practitioners and remedies that are manufactured by FDA approved facilities.